i was going to try to talk but I got shy

I wonder what it’s like to not be confused all the time. I struggle to remember everything all off the time, from important memories to where I put important things mere moments before. I struggle to spell and say words in the right order or keep three numbers in my head for more than a few seconds. Dreams leave me confused all day, mixing up with real memories. I can’t remember who I spoke to or when or if it even happened at all.

Combined with compulsively needing keep a tight grip on every little worry in my mind at all times lest through my negligence they come true and surprise me. At least it’s not as bad as it was. At least I’m not having daily panic attacks and far fewer disassociative episodes. The guilt isn’t as crushing, I’m stronger now, I can carry it, even if it fucks up my neck. I’m not as eager to watch myself bleed or as addicted to the unbearable lightness of hovering between life and death.

Sometimes I miss it, when my emotions and imagination go numb. The glorious visions and delusions of grandeur, the sweeping glissando of highs and lows. The feeling of being bathed in one clear light of truth.

I remember Radiohead being a lot better.

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out of focus

out of focus

long overdue 2-D chillin for KAY

long overdue 2-D chillin for KAY

I’m going to get Ken’s Crest of Kindness tattooed on the back of my neck and I will never ever ever regret it



New installation by Pip & Pop in Kurashiki, Okayama: Through a Hole in the Mountain


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Ken Ichijouji in the streets 


Digimon Emperor in the sheets 


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my genius plans- foiled!! how could you pathetic insects thwart me!!!!

my genius plans- foiled!! how could you pathetic insects thwart me!!!!

My favorite animes:

Ken from Digimon

Crona from Soul Eater

Clear from Dmmd

Haruka from Sailor Moon

James from Pokemon

Haru from Tsuritama

White from Tekkonkinkreet

Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown

Aang from ATLA

No Face from Spirited Away


Zak from Dragon Tales

Buster from Arthur

Gonzo from the Muppets

The Flea from Mucha Lucha

Charlie from Always Sunny

Kuzco from Emperor’s New Groove

Willy Wonka from Great Glass Elevator